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Ready to gain experience in your career industry? The Network Kinection Team is prepared to aid you with your professional development.

Stand Out from the Rest

The Network Kinection Pathway

Gain work experience in that field + access to career development help

Graduate with experience, industry relationships, and a specific career focus

The Traditional Pathway

Work outside

your desired field

Graduate and then figure out career

At Network Kinection, we know how important it is to have a competitive edge in the job market. That's why we offer you the chance to gain valuable work experience in your chosen career field, while you are still studying. By working with industry professionals, you can develop your skills, build your network, and enhance your resume. Don't miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for your future career.

How We Work Together:

Network Kinection works in partnership with your California Community College and public workforce entities to increase the number of students pursuing high growth, high wage careers.

1. In-Class Visit & Questionnaire

During in-class visits, a questionnaire is provided to understand a student's availability, field of study, and level of preparedness.

2. Connection

Students are contacted within 2-3 business days of the questionnaire and begin working with Network Kinection staff.

3. Career Development
(as needed)

Students have access to Employer Info Sessions, 

Resume + LinkedIn Development, and Interview Preparation.

4. Ongoing Communication & Placement

Potential work experience opportunities are sent to students who are available and ready for work.

Resume + Interview Preparation

Workshops + Networking Opportunities

Industry Related Career Opportunities

the NK Team


"As an aspiring Software Developer, landing an internship at [Northrop Grumman] was a dream come true. I'm able to work on real world projects that require a demanding skill set for its execution, I could not ask for anything better in terms of work."

Vishesh Joisar, LA Pierce College

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