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Our Story

Network Kinection was formed with a clear purpose...

Implement a proven model that efficiently connects employers with students on college campuses.

Over the past several years, numerous employers voiced their issues with how to best connect to the right talent and audience at the collegiate level for their company. Career Fairs and traditional college recruiting techniques were not effective or efficient. ​


These campuses are an essential web of possible connections. Between thousands of students, hundreds of student clubs, organizations, fraternities, sororities, faculty, staff, career services, etc…it can be overwhelming. Realizing that employers had the need to hire college recruitment consultants just as they hire contract recruiters, Network Kinection began.

Through university/college relations programs, some subsidized by the government, the Network Kinection team makes the match between employers and the top talent they're seeking for their internships and entry-level positions.​


Both large companies, with established university relations programs and small companies, hoping to enter the market or hire young talent, can utilize Network Kinection!

Today, through employer consulting and government placement initiatives, Network Kinection continues to be on the forefront of college relations. 









Our Team

Network Kinection Team

Meet the Network Kinection Team! 

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