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College Student Grows in Automotive Industry through Apprenticeship Program

Updated: May 8, 2023

Through Network Kinection and LAUNCH Apprenticeship Program's partnership, Riverside City College's automotive student Emerita Anariba, has been able to expand and grow into the automotive industry.

In her own words, Emerita shares her experience with the LAUNCH Apprenticeship Program and how it has helped her gain valuable automotive work experience.


NK: What was your experience like connecting with Network Kinection and LAUNCH Apprenticeship Program?

EA: When I got accepted in the apprenticeship program, I was feeling excited to see what opportunities I would have in the automotive industry. At the time I worked at a Drive-In with no experience ever being in a shop. I would do automotive work with my dad and learned a lot from him. The moment I started the program, the Network Kinection team helped me get a job/internship at Jiffy Lube the following month.

NK: What were your responsibilities at Jiffy Lube? What challenges, if any, did you have during your internship?

EA: When I started at Jiffy Lube, I learned about procedures and how to deliver an excellent quick lube service. One of the biggest challenges I faced was doing tire rotations. Being a 4’11 ft woman in an automotive industry, I am already at a disadvantage. I had to start lifting weights to be able to rotate those huge work truck tires. My general manager at Jiffy Lube ordered step stools so I could reach the Ford F-350 trucks. RCC changed my life completely and I currently enjoy working as an apprentice at CardinaleWay Hyundai being the best technician I can be.

NK: What advice do you have to share with others who are interested in applying for internships or apprenticeships within their career field?

EA: I would recommend students to put your energy 100% and it will be the best thing that happened to them just like it did for me. Our instructors care about us and want us to succeed.


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