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College Student Steps Out of Comfort Zone and Into a Great Opportunity

As the new fall semester begins, many students are eager for their educational and career journeys to begin! Some have been busy figuring out their careers, and others have been exploring opportunities within their career industry just like Vi Thuy Nguyen, a Communication Studies major at Los Angeles Mission College.

After attending one of Network Kinection's presentations, Vi decided to make the leap to get connected with available opportunities that aligned with their career field. In their own words, Vi shares their experience with the Network Kinection team and internship with PS Arts.

Go for it. Go through the process!

Hi, my name is Vi and I am currently a Communication Studies major. I knew I wanted to do something regarding marketing, but LAMC did not offer that. I ended up discovering communications and realized that this could be my path.

Fast forward to my second semester here at LAMC, I attended a presentation by Network Kinection. I was fascinated by the opportunities given to me and decided to step out of my comfort zone to take upon them. With the workshops hosted and guidance of the Network Kinection team, I was to land an internship with P.S. ARTS as a Digital Content & Media intern.

Everything is a learning experience, whether you get accepted or rejected.

So far, I’ve learned so much, especially about social media management and how non-profits operate, but most importantly, I got a chance to see if this is right for me. As I explore my interests and passions, I’ve been able to gain more skills and build upon my current ones. I’m extremely grateful and if there’s anything I would like to say to those interested in an internship, it would be to just go for it. Go through the process! Read the applications thoroughly. Apply to those internships. Take advantage of any resources available. Always ask questions and never be afraid to do so. Getting experience and building your skills is important, but I think having a good mindset is as important. Everything is a learning experience, whether you get accepted or rejected.



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