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Aerospace Engineering Student Takes Flight with New Internship Opportunity

Passionate and curious, Los Angeles, Pierce College student, Jhoselyn Quispe is building her expertise by seeking out opportunities that provide her with enriching experiences in the aerospace engineering industry.

After hearing about our placement program with Pierce College, where we connect career ready students to fields of industry within their interests, Jhoselyn was soon offered the opportunity to intern with BuildLACCD.

In her own words, Jhoselyn shares her experience with BuildLACCD and how she has been able to utilize and apply what she has learned in her courses to her internship.


NK: What led to your decision to study aerospace engineering at Los Angeles, Pierce College?

JQ: Hello! My name is Jhoselyn Quispe and I am an Aerospace Engineer Student. I was interested in pursuing my degree at Pierce College because Pierce College has great opportunities for students to achieve their goals. In addition, because LAPC has a lot of classes for a variety of majors, I got the chance to learning about mechanics. This led to me to become an intern for Jacobs at BuildLACCD.

NK: What are some of your responsibilities as an intern with BuildLACCD? What struggles, if any, did you have throughout your internship?

JQ: My responsibility as an intern is working the AutoCAD 3D Map to adjust CAD drawings of different colleges. Also, there is a team project where we are working on designing housing for homeless community college students. Some of the goals that I achieved in gaining more experience in teamwork. Also, I gain the experience on working with AutoCAD 3D Map. Some of the classwork that prepare me for this internship were from engineering design such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Some of the struggles that I have faced are related to working remotely; I struggle with communication and software problems from the computer. Yet, these problems have been solved because I keep an honest communication with my supervisor.

NK: What would you say to other LA, Pierce College Students interested in taking their first career-related opportunity?

JQ: To the students that would like to enter to an internship, I would say to find programs related to their major. The reason for this is because having a resume that shows that you had previous experience is helpful. I believe that this internship was valuable for my future career since it thought me how the dynamic with engineering is. In addition, I learned that I enjoy working with AutoCAD and design. Some of the steps that a student should take to land to the internship is participating in L’SPACE Academies and NCAS for experience.


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