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Architecture Grad Offers Internship Advice for Eager Students

It takes passion, a genuine interest, and the right team to help you achieve your career goals. Alexandra Klass, a recent architectural technology graduate from Los Angeles Pierce College, had all three. She used her passion for her major to explore opportunities in the construction field. She explored her genuine interest and applied what she learned in her classes to her internship. She reached out to LA, Pierce College's partner Network Kinection for resume help and interview preparation.

In her own words, Alexandra shares her experience with FMI Construction and Engineering and how she's applied what she's learned in her college courses to her internship. She also offers some great advice to students on how to go about getting an internship opportunity in a field they're passionate about.


I am Alexandra Klass. I am recent architectural technology graduate and current interior design student. I plan to transfer in a university for Interior Design major from Los Angeles Pierce College. During my time at Pierce College, I found out about the Architectural Technology major. I decided to get this additional major because I saw a lot of opportunities for my future job and a chance to develop deeper in a construction field. Additionally, during my time at Pierce College my interest in architecture has been growing more and more.

I have been working at FMI Construction and Engineering since April. My tasks are to make corrections in architectural plans. I am working in AutoCAD. I am getting software practice and I use my college course knowledge such as architectural terms, construction methods, and materials. I am also working with construction rules for a fire department, ADA, and green department. My boss is teaching me how to solve certain problems; for example, planning parking spaces or choosing correct materials for walls to follow construction code and departments’ rules. I am learning a lot of new information in the architectural field and I’m enjoying the chance to use the information in my company projects. At the same time, I’m very appreciative of my professors at Pierce College who gave me fundamental architectural knowledge such as terms, understanding of material characteristics, types of constructions, development of my abstract vision to solve problems, and teamworking projects. It helps me in my work every day. Speaking about my current company projects, each one gives me a new experience and trains my problem-solving skills. I even had the chance to make corrections for a historical building project of a famous person. I am proud to be a part of the team who works on such interesting projects.

I advise each Los Angeles Pierce College student who is interested in an internship: do not be afraid. The first job or internship in their major can be scary because it is a new experience; however, it is a very important practice for their development and the first step in their career path. An internship can answer a lot of questions relating to their future career like what skills require more practice, what kind of information is more important and requires more research and attention. My internship is valuable to me because I was able to find my answers.

Steps Students Should Take to Land an Internship:

1. Have the desire to develop in the field

Students can feel that they are ready not enough for their first job, but if they love their major and have an interest to be open to a new world, for example architecture, students should not be afraid to start doing it.

2. Create a good resume & connect with Network Kinection

Give it to someone at LAPC Career Center or Network Kinection. Network Kinection helped me with my resume very much. They also helped me find my present job and prepared me for an interview. I got a lot of useful information and advice relating the first meeting with an employer.

3. Set up an appointment with Network Kinection for interview preparation

4. Do not be afraid to make some mistakes.

Mistakes are an experience too. Education is nothing without any practice. Do not be afraid to make a step to your goal!


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