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Automotive Student Applies Course Knowledge to Audi Internship Experience

Hands-on experience for college students is an important gateway for a glimpse into their desired career field. Riverside City College automotive student Adrian Ruiz, discovered throughout his internship how beneficial hands-on experience is, not just for working on cars, but for creating relationships with his fellow coworkers.

In his own words, Adrian shares his internship experience with Walter's Audi. He offers some great advice for students who are also interested in pursuing their interest in the automotive career field.


NK: What led to your decision to study automotive at Riverside City College?

AR: Hi I am Adrian Ruiz, and my major is Automotive. Joining Riverside City College was probably the best decision I’ve made. Thanks to RCC internship program they gave me an opportunity to work at Walter’s Audi. I am grateful that they gave me this opportunity.

NK: How has your time with Audi benefited your internship experience?

AR: Even though I am not working on car right now, Walter’s Audi shows me that it is okay to start at the beginning because you can work your way up quickly. Working here helped me create a relationship with many of the technicians. These technicians help me out a lot with advice. They are so helpful when I ask questions, when I need help on a homework question, or when I ask them for tips on passing my ASE - they lent me some of their ASE test prep books which was really helpful.

NK: What advice do you have to share with others who are interested in applying for internships within their career field?

AR: Some steps on getting into the internship program: show the teachers that you are interested in learning about cars and create a bond with the teachers.


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