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Automotive Student in the Driver's Seat of New Internship

Updated: May 25, 2022

Eric Borrmann, an Automotive Technology student at Riverside City College, has always had a passion for cars. From his courses at RCC, to searching on YouTube and Google for help, he's challenged himself to better understand what he's working on.

One of Eric's professors informed him of the advantageous partnership between Network Kinection and RCC: Internship Program Development services that focuses to connect career-based community college students with opportunities at local businesses.

Encouraged to apply, Eric was soon presented with an internship opportunity with Jiffy Lube.

In his own words, Eric shares his internship experience, what he's learned, how he's applied his course knowledge, and advice for students.

My teacher and everyone at Network Kinection reached out to me and put me in a position that I was able to handle and grow in the industry.

My name is Eric Borrmann, and I am currently studying for an Associates in Science in Automotive Technology. I have been working on cars for about 9 years now, and since I like to work on vehicles, I felt I should try and study to receive education in it. Before I started at Riverside City College I would change oil, brakes, and other parts and sensors for my family’s cars and YouTube and Google helped me understand how to complete the job. Being at RCC has helped me gather a better understanding of the parts I have been changing and how they help the vehicle operate and function. In my second year, one of my teachers, Ms. Alcantar, told me about Network Kinection and that it would be a great opportunity for me to start working in the automotive industry. After a few days I received phone calls and e-mails to get started in the process of interning at a variety of job locations. Jiffy-Lube was one of the jobs that was presented to me, and I have been working there for a month and a half.

It has been a great experience to learn how to change oil and filters at a fast pace and I have been moving up to adding under-hood fluids like oil, coolant, and checking to see if transmission fluids or brake fluids need changing. At our location we also change brakes, rotate tires, and have machines to change brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant. Apart from other locations, we also change a variety of components on a vehicle including batteries, alternators, cv axles, oil drain pans, motor mounts, and engines.

My classwork has prepared me for being able to assist the mechanics in the shop remove engines and cv axles, and they trust that I have the knowledge from RCC to help get the job done properly. I did struggle at first at how busy we can get and sometimes I may be the only person working on the lower bay removing and installing drain plugs and oil filters 2 bays at a time, but I have become proficient, and it has helped me become more comfortable with my job and my coworkers trust that I can get the job done quick and done right.

This whole experience with Network Kinection has been the best experience I have had because I really felt overwhelmed with how I was going to get a job in the industry and if I was ready for working as a lube tech, but my teacher and everyone at Network Kinection reached out to me and put me in a position that I was able to handle and grow in the industry and I am truly appreciative of that.


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