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Automotive Student Turning Gears at Volkswagen Internship

Riverside City College's Automotive Technology student Sebastian Del Rio is enthusiastic about cars. With Network Kinection's assistance, he was placed with a great internship opportunity at Volkswagen.

Sebastian shares his experience at Volkswagen and how his courses and professors have helped him expand his knowledge.


NK: Tell us a little more about the experience you've had while studying at Riverside City College.

SEBASTIAN: My name is Sebastian Del Rio. I am a student at Riverside City College majoring in automotive technology. The automotive technology program interested me because of my interest in cars. I recently got a job at Volkswagen through an internship program at RCC and it has been good.

NK: What were your responsibilities at Volkswagen?

SEBASTIAN: I am a lube tech. My main responsibility is to do oil changes, inspections, rotations, tires, etc. When it is slow, I get a chance to go with a service technician and help them do a lot more things like brakes, machine rotors, PDI's, minor recalls, water pumps and more. One technician lets me do a lot of the more basic things on my own and is there to help on more advanced things while giving advice.

What would you say to other Riverside City College students interested in taking on their first career-related opportunity?

SEBASTIAN: Class really does help to get a deep understanding and hands-on practice to prepare you. Showing an understanding of what you're doing at work really helps them trust you so that you can do more things. If you are looking for experience, I recommend doing an internship so you can get familiar with the industry. It also helps your resume for the future. I appreciate the professors in Automotive Technology, especially Ms. Alcantar, they go out of their way to help you.


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