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Electrical Engineer student shares internship experience at Advanced Spectral Technology

Updated: May 25, 2022

Upon hearing about the partnership between Los Angeles, Pierce College and Network Kinection and their mission to connect career based community college students with opportunities with local businesses, future Electrical Engineer Josue Aguilar jumped at the chance for an opportunity.

After kinecting with Network Kinection, Josue was paired with Advanced Spectral Technology and began his internship.

In his own words, Josue tells us about his experience and future aspirations. Read about it down below:


Hi, my name is Josue Aguilar. I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in “Electrical Engineering” at California State University of Northridge. While attending Los Angeles Pierce College I was able to obtain an associate degree in Mathematics where I was able to transfer to CSUN. Also, while attending Pierce College I was granted two internships with the Build LACCD program to support the renovation, modernization, and construction of facilities at nine campuses and the development of several satellite campuses for the Los Angeles Community College District.

Now, I was awarded a third internship with Advanced Spectral Technology (AST) via Network Kinection. AST is a specialized systems provider with core expertise in accuracy motion control, defect inspection, metrology and optical design for infrared, visible and UV spectrums. With great achievements at Pierce College, I was able to acquire valuable Math, Computer, Circuit Analysis, and Communication skills that assisted me in getting hired by AST. Besides my continuous success in the world of Engineering and tough educational courses, I love to cook and eat. On the weekends I work part time as a “Line Cook” at The Odyssey Restaurant and Event Center. At a young age I learned that “hard work pays off”.

In the future, I plan to become a Full-Time Electrical Engineer that can design and invent life changing projects that can change the world for the better. Some advice I would give to student's landing an internship is by taking these few steps:

  1. Apply for an internship that describes your skills or related to the degree that you are pursuing.

  2. Prepare yourself for the interview by dressing sharp and rehearsing your resume.

  3. Be yourself: Speak from the heart and highlight your best qualities in the interview.

  4. Explain that you are the perfect fit for this position and try to get a yes or no answer on the spot. (This is my favorite line because you are persuading them to say yes.)


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