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Graphic Design Student has a Helvectica Good Time with New Internship

Updated: May 25, 2022

Los Angeles Pierce College, graphic design student Ryan Kim, paired up with Network Kinection to gain experience in the graphic design world. In October of 2021, he was offered an internship position with The Sign Shop where he was able to apply his graphic design course knowledge and gain new experience.

In his own words, Ryan shares his internship experience:


NK: Tell us about your experience at The Sign Shop.

RYAN: Hi. My name is Ryan Kim and I’m a graphic design major. I got this great opportunity to work at The Sign Studio as a graphic design intern this past October and have loved the experience. I was able to add more material to my portfolio, gain real world experience for my resume and make meaningful relationships.

NK: Is there a particular project you worked on?

RYAN: One particular project that I enjoyed was designing a logo, printing the final sign and watch it be installed. I felt a great sense of accomplishment and awe and got a glimpse of what my future holds for me.

NK: What would you say to other Los Angeles Pierce College students who are interested in internships? Was the internship valuable to your future career?

RYAN: I accepted a permanent position at The Sign Studio and continue to take steps forward towards my goals. Some advice to landing an internship is being eager and full of energy on your interview. I was prepared and had follow up emails as well as a basic portfolio of my work. Thank you Network Kinection and Jessica for this opportunity.


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