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IT Intern Builds Career Pathway with BuildLACCD

Los Angeles, Pierce College Computer Science student Dawid Janoyan has always had in interest in the cyber field since he was a kid. Once he entered college, he focused on studying computer science based off his interest in technology and cybersecurity and that's where his journey with Network Kinection began.

In his own words, Dawid shares his internship experience as an IT intern with BuildLACCD and how the experience has impacted his vision for the future.


NK: What influenced your decision to study Computer Science at Los Angeles Pierce College?

DJ: My name is Dawid Janoyan and I am a Computer Science major at Pierce College. I found myself in the computer science field through continuous interest in technology throughout my childhood and curiosity of cybersecurity. At BuildLACCD, my role was an IT Intern. I worked fully remotely, although desiring an on-site role, however, this did not work out with my schedule.

NK: What were some of your responsibilities at BuildLACCD?

DJ: Besides having duties such as pitching IT solutions to my supervisor and creating presentations for them, I was in an intern group that aimed towards providing homeless students with housing. We were given a budget and each had a role in designing, modeling, and planning the housing.

NK: What advice do you have to share with others who are interested in applying for internships within their career field?

DJ: In my case, this was the first job experience on my resume and therefore would recommend the program to anyone who may be struggling to get their foot in the door. If possible, students should ask to be placed into a department that most closely correlates to their desired field of study. I believe gathering relevant experience like this is vital for students attempting to land an internship.


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