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Success Story - Julio Mendoza

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Ever since I stepped out of high school, I had an interest in technology and the way that we interact with it. Technology is deeply engraved into our lives; everything from our vehicles, infrastructure, economy and entertainment depend on it. My interest in both understanding and maintaining said technology led me to seek a career in Computer Science.

Thanks to the amazing support provided by Network Kinection, I was able to secure a position as an intern for Optiva IT, a company of technology consultants. Because of what I learned in college, I am trusted to troubleshoot network, software and hardware issues as a team member of Optiva IT. The best part is that every challenge is an opportunity to learn, and as a new intern, challenges are everywhere. A recent experience was moving a server room for a client. It turns out there is much more involved in moving servers than you’d initially think.

It is important for people to start their career as soon as they decide on a field to pursue. An internship while in school, while difficult to both get and maintain, is very much worth the effort. In order to truly excel in any field of study, it is important to have both theory and practice. Internships are a great way to practice and learn outside of the classroom. The experience and skills that come from an internship will be invaluable when entering the workforce, especially because your work may expose you to situations not brought up in class. Thankfully, Riverside City College has programs such as the ones offered by the Career Development Center and those of Network Kinection to help you get started. They can provide you with a path to follow when you’re not sure where to go. The Career Development Center is especially useful for general career skills, such as resume building and communication.

UPDATE: As of 6/3/19, Julio accepted a full-time offer with Optiva!


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