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College Student is Shaping the Lives of Young Minds through Internship

It takes a big, big heart to help shape the lives of children, and for Gabriela Pettibone, an Early Childhood Education student at Los Angeles Mission College, their education is of vital importance.

Through Network Kinection's placement process, Gabriela was placed with Wooden Shoe Preschool. In her own words, she shares her experience at Wooden Shoe Preschool, what she's learned, and how she'll use this experience to help her in the future of child education.


First and foremost, I would like to take the time to thank the Network Kinection, Los Angeles Community College District, and all the staff at Wooden Shoe Preschool for giving this opportunity to students to be able to gain significant hands-on experience relating to one’s academic major.

It has always been my passion to work with children, they are our future after all, and what a satisfying feeling to know that we can help shape their future, seeing everything that has been going on all around the world, we can help them be exceptional, humble, caring, intelligent loving adults. When I got started on my educational journey, I was a bit undecided about what I wanted my major to be. Then I realized, it’s a known fact that as a dual language speaker one can open more doors in the future, so what better platform than to become an Early Childhood Development professional specializing in Dual Language.

Even though I have always been around children nothing compares to being in an educational environment like this, the Wooden Shoe Preschool. Let me tell you I was nervous to begin my journey, as everything seemed to move rather quickly, and being a full-time student, a mom to an autistic 3 ½-year-old, (who by the way began his Pre-K education the same day I began my first day of work), so I was a little overwhelmed. But that all went away when the staff and colleagues at the Wooden Shoe Preschool welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like family, all that overwhelmed feeling went away.

Being a faith-based education system, when you walk in these doors there is this feeling of the utmost peaceful environment that welcomes every member of the community, every parent, and every student has made me feel comfortable and loved. It's like we have known each other our entire lives. I have so much respect for every educator and staff member that is employed here and every single one plays an important role in the future of these children. Even though every teacher has their own unique way of teaching, they all follow the same rule, to put the future of their students first.

I hope I can remain part of the Wooden Shoe Preschool family for years to come, so please bear with me as I still have so much to learn from these great educators, and I apologize in advance for the mistakes that I have made and the mistakes that I will continue to make since I still have so much to learn, and making mistakes to me is a great way to learn, asking questions left and right to those that have been kept the wheels turning. One day I hope to use the skills that I have gained through my education to help provide a more one-on-one assessment and interaction with children, to be able to conduct anecdotal recordings to create a unique learning environment for every individual child as every child is unique and every child has a diverse way of learning. Once again thanks to everyone that has been doing their part to shape the outcome of children’s future.


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