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Interior Design Student Shows off Course Knowledge on Showroom Floor

Updated: May 25, 2022

Los Angeles Mission College, Interior Design student Bing Xiao paired up with Network Kinection to gain experience in the interior design world. Soon enough, he was offered the opportunity to intern with Cowtan & Tout, a fabric showroom, in West Hollywood, CA.

In his own words, Bing shares his internship experience, what he's learned, how his courses have helped him navigate his experience, and why fellow students should kinect with Network Kinection.


NK: Tell us a little more about the experience you've had while studying at Los Angeles Mission College.

BING: I am a second-year interior design student currently studying at Los Angeles Mission College. I started working at Cowtan & Tout since November 202 with the help of Network Kinection. As an interior design student, I can facilitate the knowledge I learned in my design classes to help my clients pick the right fabric for the project they are working on. I am currently trying to improve my communication skills so I can help my clients more efficiently and get to know them better.

NK: What are some of your responsibilities at Cowtan & Tout?

BING: As a sample Librarian assistant, I generally help my clients pull out their desired samples and ship out samples through mails. We also have larger projects that involves the teamwork of the whole showroom. For example, our showroom had a design rotation in December that everyone needed to help on taking off the past season design displays and put on the new ones.

NK: What's your experience at Cowtan & Tout been like?

BING: I really enjoy working at Cowtan & Tout. The working environment is welcoming, both my coworkers and the clients are extremely polite and friendly.

NK: What would you say to other Los Angeles Mission College students who are interested in taking on their first career-related opportunity?

BING: I would highly recommend my classmates to find an internship to develop their work and network skills. An internship related to what you are studying is also a great help. Not only that, but it could also add work experience onto your resumé. It also allows you to know people from the real world within the field.


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