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Culinary Student Transitions from Online Courses to the Commerical Kitchen

Updated: May 25, 2022

Transitioning from in-person classes to online learning due to COVID-19 was difficult for everyone, including Culinary Arts students. Nicolas Perrotey, a Culinary Arts student at Los Angeles Mission College, felt that his online culinary courses were lacking in many ways especially when it came to learning about working in a commercial kitchen.

Nicolas sought out the help from Network Kinection and was able to get a kitchen position at Castaway Restaurant & Events in Burbank, CA where he's been able to use his online course knowledge and apply it to his in-person kitchen experience.


NK: Tell us a little more about the experience you've had while studying at Los Angeles Mission College.

NICOLAS: Hello, my name is Nicolas Perrotey and I am pursuing a degree in culinary arts. The transition to online learning due to COVID-19 was tough for me regarding my culinary arts classes. It is harder to learn about kitchen equipment and the flow of a working kitchen in your own home. I thought it best to get some experience during this time and hope that in-person courses would come back as soon as possible.

NK: What's your experience at Castaway Restaurant & Events been like?

NICOLAS: My time at Castaway has taught me all of the lacking parts that online class could not. I've gotten hands-on experience and I've learned what to look for when cooking and the equipment.

NK: What would you say to other Los Angeles Mission College students who are interested in taking on their first career-related opportunity?

NICOLAS: At the moment, my goal is to just immerse myself in a commercial kitchen and feel comfortable in such an environment. As for words of advice to my peers from LA Mission college: get some hands-on experience during these times.


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