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Internship Success - Harry Lang

The Orange County Bridge |2| Engineering Program is a cohort-based learning community at Saddleback College, Santa Ana College, Cal State Fullerton & UC Irvine that focuses on increasing the participation of unrepresented minorities, women, and veterans in the field of engineering. The program will help participants explore careers in engineering and place them on an academic pathway to become engineers. Recently, Saddleback College B2E student, Harry Lang had the opportunity to write about his internship experience with Swift Engineering in San Clemente, CA.

“I have worked for a few different organizations throughout my life, and one important thing that I have learned from those experiences is that regardless of how much money you are making, if you do not enjoy what you are doing, you will never be happy. In my pursuit of finding a career I feel I could be happy with, I became interested in mechanical engineering. I like the idea of solving complex problems, and the limitless applications that mechanical engineering provides.

With very little experience in mechanical engineering, the Bridge 2 Engineering program has given me an opportunity to acquire valuable hands on experience, and most importantly, help me decide whether this is the right engineering discipline for me to get involved in before transferring to a four year college.

Through one of the many field trips organized by Bridge 2 Engineering, I became interested in the aerospace company, Swift Engineering and recently started interning there. This internship has exposed me to a great company, and opened me up to an industry in which I have no previous experience. The staff and co-workers have been great with a vast range of experience from the earlier race car days of the company, to the collective experience from all over the aerospace industry from Northrop Grumman to Space X.

 In my time as an intern, I have worked on updating manufacturing aids for composite technicians which has given me valuable knowledge of the language of the aerospace industry, and exposure to interpreting technical documents crucial to the success of producing a high quality product. I have also been involved in the testing of composite materials, and processing the results from those tests to provide information for future production. 

Overall, this internship has been an extremely valuable experience and I am thankful for the support from Bridge 2 Engineering for making this possible.”

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Program made possible by funding from the Department of Labor and the City of Santa Ana.  This program is an equal opportunity program. Auxiliary aids and service are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.


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