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Internship Success - Willis Berrios

The Orange County Bridge |2| Engineering Program is a cohort-based learning community at Saddleback College, Santa Ana College, Cal State Fullerton & UC Irvine that focuses on increasing the participation of unrepresented minorities, women, and veterans in the field of engineering. The program will help participants explore careers in engineering and place them on an academic pathway to become engineers. Recently, Saddleback College B2E student, Willis Berrios had the opportunity to write about his internship experience with ViewSonic.

“During my time at ViewSonic, I have had the fortunate experience of being mentored by Gene Ornstead, a passionate senior marketing director. He has allowed me to take initiative and work on a number of projects. He started me out by having me figure out one of the media players for digital signage.

Before I knew it, I was demonstrating a digital signage solution to a reseller and an entertainment company. As another test, he had me figure out a digital white board, prepare a 25 minute demonstration for it, and create a training manual for the sales team. During each project, I tested the software for inconsistencies and design flaws and reported my findings to him, the product vendors, and the business unit for correction. Working on these projects, I collaborated with the channel marketing team, marketing communication department, the sales team, engineers, product vendors, product resellers, and clients.

This experience has allowed me to put into perspective the next phase after a product is designed and the way the product can be improved even after it is shipped. I appreciate Katlin Choi, with Orange County Bridge 2 Engineering, Vincent Chou and Gene Ornstead at ViewSonic, Lucy Flores and Dora Holguin at the Santa Ana Work Center, and Erick Briggs with Network Kinection for this eye opening experience.”

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Program made possible by funding from the Department of Labor and the City of Santa Ana.  This program is an equal opportunity program. Auxiliary aids and service are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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Carol Hill
Carol Hill
24 de jul. de 2019

Teacher aka your superior is very important in the way of learning. Some people just keep the tricks to themselves. I recently joined Enablers for amazing training in Pakistan, and believe me, they have shared each tip and trick with me to be ranked on top.

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